“Triple Threat” singer/songwriter/dancer/actress Mandy Rain’s journey towards stardom has not been in a straight line, but rather a series of forward moving twists and turns.  Born in Hollywood, Florida , she was dancing  by the time she was three, before eventually moving to Los Angeles where, at age Ten, she studied voice with famed vocal coach Valerie Morehouse (Britney, Avril, Christina Perri).
In 2007, Mandy decided to audition for Nick Cannon’s Nickelodeon Show T.V. Show “Star Camp”.  The fateful day arrived only to find that she was sick  and running a temperature of 102.  Auditions with Nick Cannon don’t land every day so she dragged herself out of bed, then beat out nearly three-thousand kids, becoming one of only eight people chosen for the “Giggle Club”, (including Adam Sevani, who would eventually go on to the “Step Up” Franchise).
It takes serious talent to best so many; Nick Cannon quickly recognized just what a find Mandy was and started working with her on her solo singing career.
She recorded “Detention” which inspired Nick to form a girl group called the “School Gyrls” and in 2009 they started filming a movie of the same name for Nickelodeon, which Nick directed.   “School Gyrls” was a musical comedy which follows the adventures of three Freshmen at Summerdale Academy,  an exclusive all-girls boarding school.  The film co-starred Justin Bieber (just before he became an international super star).  Released in February 2010, it featured guest appearances by Kristinia DeBarge, Reverend Run, Soulja Boy, Angie Stone, and Pete Wentz.
Mandy and Justin
Not long after the film’s release, Nick walked the group into Island Def Jam Records to showcase for storied label’s top  brass.  The group was offered a deal on the spot by its then Chairman, legendary record executive L.A. Reid.  Mandy jumped up on L.A.’s desk and sealed the deal with an electrifying, impromptu singing performance!
The self-titled “School Gyrls” CD was released and spawned three singles. One of the singles “Something Like A Party”  sat at #5 for 13 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play Chart.  Spurred by this success Nick was planning a reality show centered around the group, when Mandy decided to leave the project to pursue a solo career.
Mandy Rain
Mandy put out a song called “Boogie” in 2011 which caught the attention of Music Manager/Executive Jeff Gordon CEO of All Star Music Group. However, as luck would have it, they eventually started working together in 2013.  Power House Music Manager Ric Aliberte (KISS, Billy Idol, Brandyn Burnette, Eli “Paperboy” Reed) was asked to join Mandy’s team. She immediately went into the recording studio to work on new material and found herself working with some of the biggest names in the business including Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello (Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson, Anastacia, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston) Josiah Rosen/BMG Songwriter (former member of Epic Records Band “Augustana”),  Abram Dean, a Warner/Chappell Songwriter, Brandyn Burnette (WB Records Recording Artist) and many other talented songwriters and record producers.
Mandy Rain 3
Mandy’s new single “RIOT” was co-written by Mandy, Abram Dean, Brandyn Burnette, Danny “DJ” Score, and Isaac Hasson.  Isaac, who also produced the track has worked with Demi Lovato, (he co-wrote & produced her #1 Hit Single “Here We Go Again”) Selena Gomez, Hot Chelle Rae, and many other talented artists.  He loves working with Mandy and is inspired by her talent, drive, and strong work ethic. “RIOT” was released in January 2014, on Mandyland/Empire Records  which had huge success with the rapper “Sage The Gemini” (Empire is a joint-venture between Sage with Universal Records) and posted very strong first week sales.  Mandy is Empire’s first pop artist and they are loving with how big and loyal Mandy’s fan base is!
Since “School Gyrls”, Mandy worked around the clock and has developed a huge social media fan base.  Lovingly referring  to her fans as “Rainstorms” she is fiercely loyal to each and every one of them and often conducts “surprise” phone calls & video chats with them.
Mandy does not take anything for granted and knows that she would not have the success that she in now enjoying if not for all of her fans and every single person who has supported her throughout her career.  She gives back to the community by involving herself with “Best Friend Animal Shelter”, (she has a strong love towards all animals including her two pet Dogs: a Cockapoo & Wheaten Terrier). She is also involved with several organizations trying to find a cure for cancer, and is developing a plan to help the homeless.
We cant wait to see what happens next for Mandy. With so many “Twist and Turns” in her career,  who knows whats next.?  One thing that we know for sure, is this incredible “Triple Threat” singer/songwriter/dancer/actress will be putting out great records for years to come.
Management: Jeff Gordon/All Star Music Group
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                       Ric Aliberte/RAM, Inc.
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