Wendy Starland (Songwriter, Artist)

"The Looking List is the best resource for artists and music industry professionals to find top tier opportunities."

About Wendy Starland:

Wendy Starland is an award-winning songwriter and recording artist.  She discovered Lady Gaga.

You can learn more about Wendy by visiting her website www.wendystarland.com



Michèle Vice-Maslin (Producer,Songwriter,Publisher)

The WHO’S LOOKING LIST is the perfect tool to aid in what I like to call “unlocking the mysteries of song pitching”. Full of fabulous information about what labels and artists are in the process of creating and selecting new music for their upcoming releases. That along with information about the decision makers who work with them and help them choose that material. THE WHO’S LOOKING LIST, constantly being updated, is a monthly must have for publishers, producers and music creators alike.

About Michele Vice-Maslin:

Michele is a 3-time Emmy Award nominee and 2-time Emmy Award winning songwriter who has written and produced hit songs for major artists all over the world including #1 singles. She has over 4000 film and TV placements, including theme, title and end title songs from her catalog Sweetersongs. Originally from Queens, NY, she currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where, as an independent music publisher, she has been publishing her own catalog for most of her career while producing, pitching and placing most all of her song successes.

You can view Michele’s (almost) full list of credits at her website: http://www.sweetersongs.com/

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