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We publish lists of information once a month. Each list serves as a guide only and not a definitive or precise indication on the status of any recording projects named therein, any of which could change status for any reason. Before submitting songs or music for consideration, customers are strongly advised to check with the company they wish to submit music to and make sure the project they wish to be considered for is still active and open to receiving submissions. In the event you create and submit music or songs in any form for consideration by any of the companies listed by us, you do so at your own financial risk and we offer no guarantee that any submissions will be reviewed or accepted by the aforementioned companies.

We strive to ensure that the information contained in these lists is true and accurate at the time of publication on our website, however, the music/phonographic recording industry and Film, TV and Video Game industries are, creatively speaking, extremely fluid businesses which means that projects in any of the aforementioned industries are liable to be delayed, canceled or change creative direction at any time for any reasons and all circumstances which result in such changes are completely beyond our control. Artists may leave or disassociate themselves from the record label they originally signed to, and/or sign with another label; Film, TV and Video projects may be cancelled at any time for any reason. We cannot be responsible for any losses or expenses incurred by the purchaser or any users as the result of any cancellations, delays or changes by either artist or label to information related to the creative direction, timeline and creative requirements of any project contained in our lists.

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